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At Ecoinnovers, we are proud to be the manufacturer of the Ecoaquawarmer, a cutting-edge water heating solution. Our induction-based technology, with no electric components in the water tank, provides a safe and efficient way to heat water. Join us in our mission to create a sustainable future.

At MMT Technology's Private Limited, we are on a mission to revolutionize water heating solutions through innovation and sustainability. Our journey began with a realization – traditional water heating methods were not only inefficient but also detrimental to the environment. This realization ignited our passion to create a product that not only meets everyday needs but also contributes to a greener and safer world.

Our startup was born from a desire to address the challenges posed by conventional water heaters. Burning wood, waste materials, and the risks associated with electric geysers and gas-based heaters were issues that needed innovative solutions. Enter our flagship product – the Ecoaquawarmer, an induction-based water heater that harnesses electromagnetism to provide safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly water heating.

Our commitment to environmental responsibility goes beyond just addressing problems. With the Ecoaquawarmer, we are introducing a lifestyle that promotes sustainability without compromising on convenience. By employing an electromagnetic field to generate heat, our product eliminates the need for electric components in the water tank, mitigating hazards and energy waste. We have thoughtfully designed our water heaters to ensure enhanced safety, consistent water flow pressure, and seamless usability across multiple taps.

Through relentless research, prototyping, and development, we have crafted a product that not only meets market demands but exceeds expectations. Our startup's ethos centers around innovation, safety, and environmental consciousness. We are proud to contribute to the reduction of pollution, energy consumption, and carbon emissions through our cutting-edge solution.

As we embark on this journey, we invite you to join us in embracing a new era of water heating – one that not only elevates everyday experiences but also demonstrates our shared commitment to creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

Welcome to MMT Technology's Private Limited, where innovation meets environmental responsibility for a brighter tomorrow.

Energy Efficiency

Our principles

We prioritize energy efficiency in our products, ensuring minimal energy consumption and reduced environmental impact.

Safety First

Safety is our top priority. Our induction-based water heaters are designed to eliminate the risk of electric components being submerged in water, providing a safe and reliable heating solution.

Smart Temperature Control

Our water heaters feature smart temperature control, automatically monitoring and adjusting the heating process to maintain the desired temperature range.

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Pioneering Safety and Innovation in Water Heating

Welcome to our About Us page, where we delve into the core principles and technology behind our groundbreaking induction-based water heater. At the heart of our innovation lies a commitment to safety, efficiency, and an eco-conscious approach that transforms how you experience warmth.

The Science of Safe Heating:

Our induction-based water heater operates through the power of electromagnetic fields, setting the stage for a new era of water heating. Unlike traditional methods, our technology ensures that no electrical components are submerged within the water tank. The induction heating system is strategically positioned at the base of the tank, separated by an insulating ceramic glass plate.

Safety as Our Top Priority:

Our induction-based water heater prioritizes safety at every step. We've incorporated over-temperature protection as an additional layer of security. To further safeguard against potential malfunctions, a pressure relief valve is meticulously integrated. This valve acts as a fail-safe, preventing excessive steam buildup that could result from temperature sensor issues.

Precise Heating Process:

When the mains are switched on, our induction heating system activates a water detector to confirm the tank's fill level. Once verified, the supply to the induction coil is initiated through a controller. Over time, the water is gradually heated within a pre-set temperature range. The process is meticulously monitored to maintain optimal heating conditions.

Enhancing Safety with Advanced Sensing:

In our pursuit of utmost safety, we are taking measures to enhance the reliability of our water heater. We're proud to share that we are in the process of implementing a dual sensor approach. By incorporating two temperature sensors and two pressure sensors, we're creating a robust safety net that minimizes the risk of accidents or malfunctions.

Elevating User Experience:

Our dedication to safety not only ensures your well-being but also enhances your overall experience with our induction-based water heater. With this innovative technology, you can confidently enjoy warm showers without worry, knowing that your safety is our priority.

Join Our Journey:

As we continue to innovate and refine our induction-based water heater, we invite you to be part of our journey towards safer, more efficient, and eco-friendly water heating solutions. With each step, we're making strides to transform your daily routines while contributing to a greener future.

Thank you for considering our technology and commitment to safety. For inquiries, information, or to explore how our Ecoaquawarmer can revolutionize your home, feel free to reach out to us.

Experience the future of safe and efficient water heating with us. Together, we're setting new standards in comfort and well-being.

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